Google’s Mighty Move: Time to Employ HTTPS Escort for Your Site?

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Almost a year ago, Google announced including HTTPS as a minimal criteria for supporting page ranking. Not many thought this news was significant as earlier data showed that HTTPS was more or less a parallel of HTTP. But in the past few days HTTPS traffic has had a tremendous impact on ranking. Is this recent boom an alert for all of us to go HTTPS?https_escort

‘Woah! Hold on’. Okay, I hear you. Let me slow down here and get down to the basics.

What Exactly is HTTPS?

HTTPS, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, is a protocol used to establish a secure connection between a user and a server. This is done by utilizing a protocol known as SSL, Secure Socket Layer. Enabling an HTTPS connection creates a trustworthy link between your server and the user. This will safeguard information your users give on the site, making it almost impossible for external entities to pry. Have you seen the “Lock” icon displayed in the address bar on e-commerce sites or banking sites? That’s an indication those sites use HTTPS.

How HTTPS Works?

All that guarding work comes down to 3 steps:

  1. Encryption: Data passed between the servers and clients are encrypted. Means no eavesdropping by any other party.
  2. Data Nobility: Data transmitted from the server cannot be edited by attackers.
  3. Authentication: This ensures a genuine connection and eliminates attacks to the server by spoofers.

Why Should You Opt for HTTPS?

Let’s look at some statistics here before knowing why. Google’s ranking data for HTTPS pages has increased an epic 9.9% in the past week alone. It was first thought that this increase might primarily be attributed to the recent shift in protocol type from HTTP to HTTPS by Wikipedia, a traffic superstation in itself. But detailed analyses of the stats, considering all sites under one roof, revealed something else. A massive change was still seen. And it was all towards becoming a more user-centric search engine – a Google ideal. This could be an indication that Google may raise the stakes by planning a search algorithm update, thereby blessing sites built around HTTPS with better ranking.

Well, that’s altogether a different story. But the need of a secure protocol is more now than ever. From the early viruses to the recent phishing threat, methods of illicitly gathering valuable data keep evolving. You ought to ensure your users that you are a secure and authentic domain to deal with. And that sums up why you should consider setting up HTTPS for your servers.

Talk to our experts and know more about how going HTTPS will benefit you in more than one way.