We are a products and services company. And we love what we do.
About Us

We are different because we can see the big picture, but at the same time we're also equally commited to the smaller details that make a huge difference. Every project we take up is carefully thought through from the analysis and strategy stage right up to design, development and testing.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
  • To have a global presence in new media convergence solutions
  • To build an organization that provides an ecosystem for intellectual and creative growth
  • To build an organization that is constantly pushing the boundaries of efficiency & excellence
  • To build an organization that helps nurture ethical values
Our Mission

Our mission is to become a global player in providing new media business life cycle solutions by building a network of alliances and increasing international sales efforts.


The Team

The InfoWave team specializes in design, development, mobile technologies, multimedia, 3D graphics and new media lifecycle management. Our established process workflows, process automation and optimization gives us an additional edge in an excitingly competitive market. Meanwhile, our savvy management team manages to interweave technology, creativity and marketing seamlessly together to make sure that the final product or service you get from us is as close to perfection as possible.


Our Clients

Our clients have always been our partners in growth. Using a simple and practical approach to understanding their business, we have constantly endeavored to give them solutions tailored to their business needs.

A partial list of our clients includes

Our Partners

Our global presence and vast experience in providing solutions to clients worldwide, has allowed us to partner with various organizations. We are proud to be associated with:


Flare Studios, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Right Hemisphere, California, USA

Famtivity, California, USA


  • Wayne Kessler
  • "InfoWave has worked with me on several website design, development and mobile projects. In all my dealings with them, they have consistently provided quality work at a good price. I recommend them to any business owner looking for great value in web design, web development, and mobile applications."
  • – Wayne Kessler, President, Kessler Marketing, Accelerated Business Solutions.
  • George Earle
  • "Pundari leads his company InfoWave as a well-rounded software solution and software consulting company They have mastered the art and science of remote development, from attentive project management to diligent software engineers and test analysts. They document their analysis work, their development progress, and crucially their testing design and execution well. Pundari is a personable leader who works with his customers to achieve the results that customers specify. I first worked with InfoWave in 2008 (and I've hired them more than once, since)."
  • – George Earle, VP, Global Enterprise Services, Right Hemisphere Inc.
  • William Smith
  • "We dealt with InfoWave directly, for a minimum of 4-5 years now, sending them multiple inputs (various formats), and they've always done an outstanding job converting redrawing to line art format Their attention to detail has been superb, and whenever a touch-up or clarification is required, they are quick to jump on it. Their turn around time has been top notch and they must use multiple shifts in order to meet my needs. I've corresponded with many at various times of the day(s) through week. I would recommend their services to anyone, they do everything possible to meet my needs and are flexible enough to prepare for anything I throw at them, whether it's volume or unique quality. When pressed with an urgent need, they were quick to respond and meet my needs overnight. They're a pleasure to work with, I've never had difficulty with anyone, be it operations, accounting, sales or management."
  • – William Smith, Project Manager, Fortune 500 OEM Supplier
  • Bud Buchholz
  • "It would be nice if all vendors were as cooperative."
  • – Bud Buchholz, Point 5 Technologies

Our Privacy Policy

  • You are the sole owner of all your work, data and private information. We understand that.
  • That’s why we safely store your files and information on our servers and have strict physical, electronic and personnel procedures that safeguard and restrict... Know More


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